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Heroku Error:we’re sorry ,but something went wrong.



Last four days i faced error  in heroku.

I develop a simple rails application i deployed that application in but it shows error like below

i searched in google but i could not get answer for that. today asked in #heroku irc channel Mr. Hakon lerring form Norway respond for my problem.

First he told me check your heroku logs and  paste the result in a paste  or gist. i dont know what is gist i searched in dictionary. it means tell the output in shortly.

then i did that. it display link tag of css and javascript which i include in my application.erb.

he ask me to change that link from

<%= (stylesheet_link_merged :admin).html_safe %>
 <%= (javascript_include_merged :defaults ).html_safe %>


<%= stylesheet_link_tag :all %>
 <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>

or give the link like

<%= stylesheet_link_tag "/stylesheets/base_packaged.css" %>

because heroku does not support those type of link format.

i did that.

now my rails application works fine in heroku..

thanks for Mr.Hakon lerring..

My application.. here



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  1. Hi 🙂
    Thank so much for the info.,
    Even I faced the same problem. 😦
    🙂 Now i got the solution 😉

  2. Hi,

    In your heroku site, three links didn’t work up 😦
    MSR Planner, Class doctor and standard visit

  3. For others having this problem…

    I was receiving the same “We’re sorry…” error on Heroku. But for me all my scripts & styles were already linked properly using stylesheet_link_tag & javascript_include_tag.

    Turns out I had forgotten to run rake and db migrations on Heroku. Found the info here:

    In terminal, in your rails app folder, run this:
    heroku rake db:migrate

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