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Problem with project code commit in


A minute back i faced problem with svn commit..

i am also one of the developer the project

i check out code from source as project member authenticate over HTTPS to allow committing changes. check out comment is there..

but after change my code i did not know how to commit my project. there is know commit comment is there..

i googled but i could not get answer..

i asked my friend Mr.Arulalan. he send this link

i followed this link i successfully committed my project.. Thanks for Mis.Raji..

Steps:1 in terminal go to check out project directory

Step :2 Type this format in terminal svn commit -m "your comment" –username yourusername

Step:3 Then press enter.It will show like.

Authentication realm: <> Google Code Subversion Repository
Password for ‘yourusername’

Step:4 It ask your password.the password in your project hosting below the check out comment like " password. " press this your password will show.

step: 5 Enter the password which is showed in your project hosting. Then press enter.It will show like

Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 9.

your project committed successfully..


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  1. Keep hosting your codes in google, github,sorceforge , etc.,,,,

    Do well… 🙂

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