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Pycon 2010


Python Software Foundation contacted python conference 2010 in Bangalore. The conference will take place on 25th and 26th, September 2010. 56 talks selected for give lecture about python different usages.talkers list here

In 25th September conference started with David Goodgers keynotes.he is from kenada. David was PyCon US chair from 2008 to 2009 and the original developer of the docutils project.



session1 started at 10 AM.they contacted three talks at a time. i able to attend one at a time.i attend the following talks.

talk-1 python2 to python3.

mr.zubin mithra gave nice talk about python2 to python3.

he explained what are the changes made in python3  handle easy compare with python2.

talk-2 Functional Programming with Python.

Mr.Dhananjay Nene gave talk about Functional Programming with Python.
he explained high level and fast tack. i understood some what only

talk-3 Python Celery

Mr.Mahendra M gave talk about Python Celery

Celery is an open source asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing like meaasge queue. he explained some live demo how the message passed and forming message queue.


talk-4 GUI Programming using PyQt

Mr.Ankur Gupta show live demo with GUI Programming using PyQt
Qt is a Cross Platform GUI Framework in C++ with Python bindings.
he explain hoe the buttons are worked and hoe to edit coding.

taks-5 Introduction to Image Analysis in Python

Mr.Anil C R gave talks about image processing.
he gives nice talks but i dot about that so i unable to understand clearly.

taks-6 Web based Power Management tool

Mr.Vishnu Murty and Mr.Subhan gave talk about it

in this talk explain what are the power management tools in python using
– python-mysql,
– Cherrypy
– Django
– Ipmitool
show live demo also.

taks-7 Scraping with Python for Fun and Profit

Mr.Abhishek Mishra gave talk about python scraping.
explain about web scraping tools like
– Urllib2 – passing your data, getting back results
– BeautifulSoup – parsing it out of the entangled web
– Mechanize – programmatic web browsing
– Scrapy – a web scraping framework

DAY -2:

session 1 started sharply 9.30.

Talk- 8 Polyform Puzzler and a Pythonic Algorithm X
Mr.David Goodger

some snaps


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