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GUI app with Python&gtkbuilder/Glade



i share how to create a window using python glade..

Download the file from here.

Now we need to create a GUI for this. Open up glade.

Press the ‘New Window’ button on the left, under ‘Toplevels’. This will give you an empty window.

You will need to create a table with 2 column & four rows This splits our window into eight segments.

Here place the three labels,three text entry and two command button.

change the desired  widgets display name in there property and also some other settings there.

Now, click the window and go to the window property in signals tab set your window destroyed event for when you press the window close button it will automatically destroyed.

Then,click the button1(add)  and go to the signals tab in the property set the button1(add) click event for while click this button what will have to perform.

It is also same as button2(exit). its for close the window.

Here click the text entry3(total) go to the general tab set the  sensitive as no. its for we can not change any value in running window .

After done these setting save the glade file the and write the python run successfully.



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