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My first Kanchilug post


Session I:

Date : 15/ 08 / 10 Week : 07 People : 5+1.

Time : 10.00 am to 12.45 pm

Location : Kailasanathar Temple

Topics Discussed : Gimp & SFD

Attendees : Gopi, Balaji, Karthick, Selvam, Sathish & Arul

Discussion :

Mr.Arulalan gave the GIMP live demo. He explained that what are all the tools available and how it can be used to play with the image.

Then we were discussing about Software freedom day.All people willing to handle one demo in SFD.The demo stalls about Installation, Openoffice, GIMP / Inkscape,Ruby, Python, PHP & Mysql.


Session II:

Date : 15/ 08/ 10 Week : 62 People : 8

Time : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Location : Dhasthagheer’s Home

Topics Discussed : Mr.Dhastha showed his project demo , Mr.Shrinivasan gave live demo about screen capturing , Discussed about SFD & Finally discussed about Quickly and glade
Attendees : Arulalan, Elango, Rajkumar, Dhastha, Nagarajan, Priya, Balakrishnan and Shanmugam(myself).

Discussion 1:

Mr. dhastha doing the project Eytex Manager(in php, finished 90%)He first said overview of project.Then showed live project demo.

Discussion 2:

Mr.Shrinivasan showed live demo about how to work with recordmydesktop.Then all peoples are going to prepare one screencapturing per each.

Discussion 3:

We are all discused about SFD participation and ours topics.Then some discusion were going about Quickly and Glade/pygtk.



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